About Excloosive luxury toilet hire…

We offer a choice of two fully air-conditioned models.

The Duo

  • Dimensions: 3.1m(H) x 2.2m(W) x 4.8m(L)
  • Our Duo unit caters for approximately 100¬†guests (depending on event type).
  • Ladies & Gentlemans facilities
The Quad

  • Dimensions: 2.6m(H) x 2.8m(W) x 6.6m(L)
  • Our Quad unit caters for approximately 150¬†guests (depending on event type).
  • Ladies & Gentleman’s facilities


  • Fully Air Conditioned for your Comfort.
  • Totally self-contained units, all that is required is a standard 240V electricity supply. No sewage or mains water connection is needed.
  • Depending on the exclusivity of your event we can also supply perfumes, deodorants, aftershaves, hair products and hand lotions.
  • Selected units are fitted with CD players therefore ambient music can be individually tailored to your event.
  • All units can be supplied in a combination to suit your event as they are supplied with interchangeable high quality magnetic door signs.
  • Health and safety is a priority. All our units are fitted with slip-resistant flooring and non-slip access steps with hand rails.